Life is a Mystery


Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved. The other day I saw a bald eagle. It was so large and it’s head so white I thought it was a lawn ornament someone stuck way up in the tree. And then it moved. I was mountain biking down by the […]

Life at Home vs. Life on the Road


When nothing is sure, everything is possible. – Margaret Drabble We’ve been home for a month now. For those of you that follow us on Facebook or Instagram you saw we spent 6 weeks along the California coast. Surfing, sun, beach camping, lots of bike riding, exploring new places, and only one visit to the […]

We’re Back!


So after a few months off we’ve decided to keep Pedal Adventures around. We thinks it’s a great platform to discuss our family travels, cycling, road schooling and honestly writing about grief and Axel is therapy for me so there’s that piece. It’s cheaper than any other kind of therapy (and probably better)! I also […]

Off to New Adventures

“Art is never finished,” Leonardo da Vinci once said, “only abandoned.” I’m sure this quote has many meanings but for me it’s that we can’t let art (or anything) get in the way of living. You will never be finished so sometimes you need to know when to leave. And it’s time to leave Pedal […]

Behind the Scenes


After almost two months on the road, a new baby, a new full-time contract, lots of Axel Project events and a few bike rides this blog has gone neglected. It’s not intentional and I haven’t run out of things to say… I have just run out of time to say it (for now). Here’s a […]

Happiness is close to sadness


“Tell me more about your son,” said a man named Axel yesterday at our Axel Project booth at the USA Pro Challenge in Aspen. He came by because he saw the name and he wanted to know more about our Axel and share the Hebrew history of the name. We shared stories about Axel, the […]

Update on Life…


Since we’ve been a little silent over here thought I’d do a quick update on how we are doing. Excited…to be back on my bike. I was able to jump on at 5 weeks and had a few good rides since. In Crested Butte Kalden and I did 401 from the Paradise Divide side (highly […]