MTBing at 25 weeks

25 weeks. Babycenter says he is the size of a rutabaga. Why is it they always picks odd foods to compare a babies growth in the womb? Anyway, today I headed out with Randy on the local trails.  My belly is starting to get in the way on the slightly technical, rocky, off camber sections. I am going too slow to get over them as smoothly as usual. I still feel in control but as my belly gets bigger my days on this trail are limited. On most weekdays I get out for about 45 min of easy singletrack and dirt roads. On the weekends I have been doing longer rides mostly in Fruita and Moab. I’m not hucking off Poison Spider or anything but the easy trails are still great for me. Dead Horse State Park, Bar M, Prime Cut, Rustlers, Marys, Kessells Run. Nice to have an excuse to to do some “easy” riding and enjoy being with Kalden and Randy at a leisurely pace. I have mostly ditched the HR monitor at this point. My body is more than aware of what’s going on. Perceived exertion works, if I can’t talk I need to stop.

Mountain Biking in Fruita

This weekend we’ll be back in Fruita. We’ll see how the trails treat me this weekend. I just can’t get over the fact that it’s November and I am still in shorts! Have to take advantage of all this while it lasts.

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