Review: Mountain Mama Expecting Adventures Winter Apparel

MOUNTAIN MAMA exists for a simple reason. Women who like to play outdoors should have stylish, functional clothing at all stages of life – including pregnancy. There mission is to combine innovative technical fabrics and design to create stylish clothing that women can wear comfortably on the trail and in town, through every stage of pregnancy … and beyond! For more info on MOUNTAIN MAMA apparel that came in for review, hit up this intro post where I laid out the gear with pictures.

Shasta Maternity Fleece Vest

Shasta Vest in action

The Shasta Vest is a simple black Polartec Powerstretch® fleece vest with Exclusive Bellyglove™ fit eliminates up-drafts, unflattering draping, and peek-a-boo bellies and Hip-length cut to ensure full coverage. I actually ended up trying out a size  large.  The fit was perfect and the Polartec fleece is soft and comfortable. Another plus is that it doesn’t attract dog hair and other lint like most fleece.

When I first received the vest in early December I had some room left in the belly but it was still a good fit. Now with 3 weeks to go it still fits and I fill out the belly. The nice feature is the Bellyglove fit. It really does cover the entire belly without feeling tight or having updrafts.

Honestly this is my favorite piece of maternity gear (in addition to the yoga pants from GAP.) I have probably worn this just about every day since I received it. I have also worn it as a base layer on really cold days outdoors.

What I  liked about the Shasta:

  • Good value
  • Breathes well in hot conditions. I always wear this XC skiing. It breathes well and does not smell after a workout.
  • Durable. Mine still looks brand new. None of those “pillings” you find with most fleece.

What I would like to see changed on the Shasta:

  • More color choices

Clouds Rest Maternity Baselayer Bottoms

The pants have a looser fit than most base layers but still have stretchability.   The bottoms have a low rise, so they sit nicely underneath your belly. I am torn about the under belly feature. At this stage of pregnancy I prefer the full belly panel as it’s more comfortable to me. But others might disagree and these would have been nice earlier on when my belly was smaller.  Mountain Mama has also  included removable suspenders so you don’t have to worry about these falling down. While I see the practically in suspenders for maternity gear, I find them hard to get on and off for the 10 times I have to pee in a 2 hours workout. My suggestion as Mountain Mama ‘expands’  is to include a full panel pant as another option.

What I  liked about the Clouds Rest Bottoms:

  • Comfortable soft fabric
  • Breathes well in hot conditions. I wore these XC skiing and they were good at wicking sweat.
  • Durable and oderless after a workout.

What I would like to see changed on the Clouds Rest Bottoms:

  • Size seemed a little small. Not way off but I could have used a few more inches in length (I have long legs that sometimes require a Long at places like the GAP)
  • Full panel option

Clouds Rest Maternity Baselayer Top

The half-zip Baselayer Top has the unique bellyglove curve of the fabric to keep your belly from hanging out. With the Bellyglove it is also clear where your breasts end and your baby starts. No muumuu looks here. As with the bottoms the material is breathable, soft and comfy.

What I  liked about the Clouds Rest Top:

  • Comfortable soft fabric
  • Breathes well in hot conditions. I wore these XC skiing and they were good at wicking sweat.
  • Durable and oderless after a workout.

What I would like to see changed on the Clouds Rest Top:

  • Size seemed a little small. Again, not way off, but I have broad athletic shoulders and the large was even a little tight.

Overall Thoughts on the MOUNTAIN MAMA Gear Lineup

MOUNTAIN MAMA set out to provide the active mom-to-be a great line of gear at a reasonable price (especially for a start up). They did just that and their gear performs very well. As I see with all start up clothing companies they need to get the sizing right on some items. They are fully aware of this and I trust the Spring line will see more realistic sizing (after all we are pregnant and need some extra space).  You are not going to get flashy crazy patterns and out there features, but you will get apparel that won’t make you look or feel like you are wearing your husband’s sweats and will perform on the trail, gym or wherever your adventures take you.

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