Velo Mom Manifesto

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want the Velo Mom blog and brand to be. Should I focus on women’s cycling, family cycling, travel, grief, wellness, or personal growth?

After both a look back at what Velo Mom has been and what I want it to be I came up with a Manifesto. The 10 things listed are a reflection of what this blog has been about since 2010 and where I will continue to take it. It’s never been a blog about just women’s cycling, family cycling, travel, grief, wellness, or personal growth but those things do inspire us daily to live the life we are meant to live.

It’s a combination of all those things that tell our story on and off the bike.


When I think of Velo Mom I think Epic Journey.

Being Epic isn’t about the distance it’s about doing things that are hard and involve work, passion, and commitment. Sometimes Epic is a 6 day mountain bike stage race, a road bike century, or commuting through adverse weather conditions.  But sometimes it’s managing to hop on your bike and cruise around the block after an exhausting week of setbacks.

We are all on an epic journey to live life to the fullest in the middle of responsibilities. On top of it at some point we’ll hit some major bumps in the road. It may be death, divorce, job loss, financial ruin, or illness. We are not immune to life’s struggles and the cave of darkness. It’s a matter of when not if.

Pedaling is one way to withstand the epic journey our lives are taking us on.

Personal care and growth are more important than you imagine to emerge bravely from your epic journey. Read the guiding principles of Velo Mom and start your own revolution today…

Change Now. Ride Now. Live Life Like you Mean It. Help Others Do the Same.

  1. Get to the Heart – Start living the life you want now. Find out what inspires you and do a little of that each day.
  2. Seek Variety in your Days – Your life is short when you do the same things everyday. Seek new experiences, new trails, new skills.
  3. Sweat your Spirituality – Move your body and get closer to your soul, spirit, God, Buddha…or whatever you believe in.  Also remember that your body is your temple, move it to release endorphins and help your body rid itself of toxins.
  4. Love is Action – Stop thinking and feeling and start doing. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.
  5. Pain is Universal – You are not immune or alone. Pain may provide the greatest incentive to grow.
  6. Allow Yourself to Fail – Resilience is built by dealing with failures and change. If you don’t embrace the small failures you will not be able to endure the big ones.
  7. Ask for What you Need – Manifest your intentions. Be specific. Know that sometimes it will involve hard work on your part but put it out there and expect it. When good things happen acknowledge and appreciate them and review how you got there. Know that miracles happen but aren’t common. Miracles are the universes way of breaking the law.
  8. You are Not Broken – Find your inner space, sit with discomfort, stay close to what matters. You will emerge.
  9. Don’t be Boring – Life is meant to be lived outside of cubicles, schools, televisions, strip malls and homes. Find adventure, play, and explore. Know when to stop and rest.
  10. Enjoy Yourself – Don’t take yourself too seriously. Be yourself fearlessly.

You can always find the Manifesto here .

The Velo Mom logo embodies those principles: smelling the flowers, not taking yourself too seriously, enjoying life, daily action and more.



  1. I love it!

  2. I love your blog, you are such a talented writer and I am in awe of your strength and honesty. I love seeing your family adventure pictures and reading about them. You are an amazing family and I am honored to know you. Don’t stop writing 😉
    Love you! ❤️

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